Taxplan Consulting Limited was incorporation on 29 th July 2005 under the Kenyan Company’s Act to provide Financial management, Forensic Investigations, Tax Consultancy, Training, Business advisory and other business-related consultancy services. We understand and appreciate the entrepreneurial spirit that can exist inside any business, because it exists inside our own. Through our Tax, Accounting, Forensic Investigations and Advisory services, we’ll work with you to create innovative solutions to help grow your business and achieve your goals.


  1. Information Technology audits and reviews
  2. Forensic investigations
  3. Tax consultancy
  4. Business Advisory Services
  5. Business Process Solutions
  6. Payroll administration Services
  7. Training
  8. Management Consultancy Services
  9. Business Process Outsourcing services
  10. Human resource management
  11. Business valuation

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